High Profit Fundraisers

Great for Groups of Any Size!



World's First Reusable Fundraiser

  • Have the donor spin the wheel twice to for their donation amount

  • Each Spinner earns an average of $210

  • Comes with 50 sheets of coupons as a Thank You for their donation.

  • Great offers with national companies.  Can also customize offers with local merchants.  

  • Add your logo FREE with orders of 10 or more

  • Available in Blue, Green, Red or Purple

  • Ask how you can get FREE bonus spinners with your order

  • Check out this video for more information on the Spinners

Scratch & Help Cards

up to 90% profit

  • Each card can raise $100 each

  • Have the donor scratch off two circles for their donation amount.

  • Comes with 25 coupon sheets to use as a Thank You for the donation.

  • Coupons can be customized to include local merchants

  • Fast and easy fundraiser

  • Created in 1993 and has been used by thousands of groups

  • No minimum order

  • Ask how you can get FREE bonus cards with your order.

  • Check out this video for more information on Scratch & Help

Discount Cards

All Offers Last One Year!

  • Available in $10, $15 and $20 cards.

  • ABC Fundraising can secure up to 20 local merchants for you.  

  • Group members sell 5-10 cards on average

  • Add your logo

  • Donors can save money all year long thanks to your group.

  • Make this a yearly fundraiser for your organization.

  • Ask about the Profit Booster program for FREE bonus cards and FREE Spinners

  • Check out this video about the Discount Cards

  • Download the Discount Flyer here

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