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No-Risk Order Taker Programs

No Money Upfront

We give you FREE order forms.  You get the orders and take the money.  Call ABC Fundraising to place the orders, pay the wholesale price, and you keep the rest!


Cookie Dough

10 Gourmet Flavors to Choose From

Auntie Anne's Pretzels

5 Amazing Kits - Now With CINNABON®

  • Fresh bake Auntie Anne’s® Products in your own home

  • Selling price: $18-$20 per kit 

  • Available kits: CINNABON Gooey Bites, SuperPretzel Pretzeldogs, Soft Pretzel Nuggets, Soft Pretzels, Pennsylvania Dutch Pretzels and Gramma's Gooey Cinnamon Rolls

  • Minimum order: 100 kits

  • 2-week FREE shipping

  • Example of Auntie Anne's Order Form


Gourmet Popcorn

Best Gourmet Popcorn in the US

Flower Bulbs

Favorite Among Church Groups

  • Earth Friendly

  • Non-Perishable products

  • "No Questions Asked" Replacement Guarantee

  • Online store available.  Live web store

  • Minimum order: 25 items

  • Prices run from $6-$28!

  • FREE 2-week delivery


High Profit Snacks

Something For Everyone

Gourmet Coffee

Great Way to Start Your Day!

  • Online fundraiser (Example of LIVE web store)

  • Flavors: Breakfast Blend, Donut Shop Blend, French Vanilla, Hazelnut CrÉme, Jamaican Me Crazy (Caramel Vanilla),  French Roast, Decaf and much more...

  • Available in 11 oz. ground coffee bags or 12-serving coffee machine capsules

  • Selling price: $15 each

  • Minimum Order of only 25



Made in the USA!

  • Get your own web store!  Example of web store

  • Extra long burn times!

  • 100% lead free wicks!

  • 100% food grade wax candles!

  • Minimum order: 25 items

  • Items sell for $10-$25

  • Free 2-week delivery!


Great for High School Fundraisers!

  • Web store available (Example of web store)

  • Zap-A-Snack® – The Original French Bread Pizza!

  • 5 different topping options

  • Ready to eat in 4 minutes!

  • High Quality Ingredients!

  • 6 Pizzas Per Box

  • Minimum order of only 50 items

  • Sells for $20 per box

  • FREE 2 Week Delivery!


Holiday Wreaths Fundraiser

Fresh and Great Smelling

  • Receive wreaths the week before Thanksgiving

  • September & October are the perfect time to sell 

  • Fresh and great smelling

  • FREE Delivery

  • Example of the order brochure 

  • Choose from 5 great options:

Holiday Classic Wreath, Victorian Wreath, Cranberry Splash Wreath, Table Top Tree and Candlelit Center Piece


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