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Pizza & Movie Night

How about a fundraiser that encourages families to take time out, pick out some Redbox movies and order pizza for a cozy movie night at home? Helping families and friends take time out for one another while getting 60% profit (and more with our Profit Booster) for your group is definitely one of those win-win situations. These pizza cards from Papa John's and Redbox will do the trick.

These cards sell for only $10 each and they give your donors unlimited value! They give a 25% discount on any regular-priced menu items at all Papa John's nationwide! Use it once a month, once a week, or everyday if you want. That's 25% off pizza, wings, breadsticks, garlic knots, chicken poppers, cookies, brownies... Yes, I was just looking at their menu and made myself hungry. Now for the movie part, there is a single-use code for renting one Blu-Ray movie and get one FREE. So if the crew can't pick between two movies, get them both! A Blu-Ray rental at Redbox usually runs about $2 a night.

**Disclaimer: These cards also show a code for a free game rental. In December 2019, Redbox announced they will no longer be renting video games. The game rentals were to be phased out in early 2020. Not sure how much longer the cards will have the game rental code on them, so just a friendly heads-up on that.**

Sounds like a great deal for the supporters but what about the organization selling the cards? First of all, the $10 price should make these cards an easy sell, especially if you explain the unlimited 25% discount. This is wonderful for small groups or groups who just want to give this type of program a try. The minimum order is only 25 cards with the option to always get more. There are several ways this can be run: either buy the amount of cards you think you can sell or do a pre-sale where you collect the money upfront, then order what you actually sold. Also, another way to do this is order one card for each group member to show potential customers and then take orders using the order forms. Here is an example of the pre-sale order form.

You will get $4-$6 profit on each card sold, depending on the amount sold. If your group sells over 200 cards, that is $6 profit per card. The profit on 200 cards would be $1200 total! On average, group members sell 5-10 cards each. There is also a way, through our Profit Booster program, to get your profits up to 80%. For every 100 cards you order, you get 1 FREE Spinner. The Spinners average $210 raised when completed. So there is a FREE $210 plus what you made on the pizza cards. This video explains the Spinners pretty well.

Have fun while doing this fundraiser. You can offer Papa John's gift cards as incentives for individuals and maybe give the highest selling team/group/class a pizza party. Talk to your local Papa John's location and see if you can get prizes donated. You and your group are advertising for them and those who buy the cards will order from Papa John's more due to the discount. Encourage your supporters to send pictures of themselves having a pizza/movie night on social media.

If this seems like something you want to do with your group, let me know and let's get started. Have questions that I didn't answer? Contact me!

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