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Questions to Ask When Selecting a Fundraiser

There are a lot of ways to raise money for your youth sports league, school, church, non-profit or whoever you work with. But how do you know what is good and what is a waste of time? Here are some items to consider to help you make the most of a fundraiser.

1. Profit Percentage

You are putting in the work so you want more than 30-45% net profit potential. Look for products that provide up to 90% profit.

2. Up-Front Cost

Know your options before agreeing to anything. Look for flexible payment options: No money up-front. Incentives for early payment.

3. Shipping Cost

Shipping costs eat into your profit. Companies should be willing to bear the cost of shipping in most cases.

4. Nationally Recognized

Know who you are dealing with. Put donors at ease with nationally recognized products and services.

5. Shelf Life / Perishable / Seasonal

How long can you take to complete the fundraiser? Will the product melt, thaw or turn white before you can sell it? Are you limited by season (summer, Christmas, etc.)?

6. Contribution Level

Is the donation or product reasonably priced at or below $10?

7. Wide Acceptance

Will the fundraiser be well received by all age groups? Are the products sensitive to social trends (diet, cultural trends, religious norms)?

8. Customizable

Can the organization’s name and logo be placed on the product? Can changes be made to reflect the needs of varying demographics?

9. Repeatable

Is this a fundraiser that if successful be used over and over in a given area?

10. Ease of Use

Is the concept easy to understand and carry out? Are repeated trips necessary to deliver product? Do you have to arrange your schedule to suit the needs of the fundraising company?

Hope this helps. As always please contact me if you have any questions about getting started in fundraising for your group.

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