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Raise Event Money Without the Event Stress

Time for a big fancy event to raise a lot of money for your organization. Get a nice big place to rent out. Put together a lovely dinner for your donors to enjoy. Send out invitations. Get the marketing all set. Make sure all the donors have their tickets and tables for the big night. On the night of the fancy dinner event, get dressed up, make sure everything is perfect and be totally stressed all night. This is the best way to raise big money, right? NOPE! How about getting all that big event money without the big event? Yes please!!

Introducing the No-Event Fundraiser. You send out invitations, do some creative marketing and that's it! Your costs include some nice, classy invitations, thank you notes and postage. Even better if you can get these things donated.

How Does A No-Event Fundraiser Work?

Invite your supporters, local politicians, businessmen and the media to NOT attend your event. You can either sell tickets or have them make a donation in order to stay home with their family and friends or just chill out by themselves. They do NOT have to get a babysitter, do NOT rent a tux or buy a dress, and do NOT have to make small talk with strangers. They can support your cause by sitting on their couch for a few hours if they prefer. This is the kind of charitable support I can get behind. :-) This is a great example of what to expect at a no-event event. There are lots of people who may want to support your organization but are not into going to big dinners or galas.

I have found some many creative invitations for this type of event. Creativity is key to getting people excited and getting donations. Definitely let your local media know because they love local stories like this. This below is example of a wonderful invitation by Gulfport Senior Center Foundation in Gulfport, FL.

There are many different variations of the non-event event. Libraries or schools can hold a no-show "read-a-thon" where you send book-themed invitations asking for donations in return for you using that time for reading a good book. How about sending classy invitations with a tea bag for a Make-Believe Tea Party. Put a certain date and time on the invite so everyone can enjoy their tea together (kind of) in their own homes. No-show "jump-a-thon" or "walk-a-thons" can be done at your own home. Dress up your non-event with themes such as beaches, summer, fall, spring, winter, whatever makes sense for your organization and cause.

This is such a great fundraiser to really have fun with and show your creative side. There are so many different ways to do a non-event. So enjoy!!


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