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Use Google's Money to Advertise Your Charity

While going down some internet rabbit holes, I came across something very cool that Google does for charities around the world. If your organization qualifies for the Google Ads Grants for Nonprofits, Google gives you $10,000 per month in advertising! Yes, $10,000 to spend to raise awareness about your cause, increase donations, recruit volunteers and anything else your nonprofit needs..

Along with the $10k in advertising, you also can take full advantage of Google Analytics. From there you can see what keywords are working and what's not. Adjust your ad campaign to get more clicks. You are in complete control of your campaign. Your ads will be text-based and appear on Google Search pages below paid advertising.

If running Google Ads and using Google Analytics sounds a little intimidating or you have never used those before, there are some helpful Resources provided. They even have a YouTube channel with a series of videos dedicated to Getting Started with Google Ads. Also for a more professional touch, there are agencies available for hire that are certified by Google to provide advertising assistance to nonprofits.

There are many types of organizations that have benefited from these grants. I wanted to let you know about a couple who have used the advertising money to their advantage. The We Care Animal Rescue in Napa Valley, California has a no-kill, free roaming facility that houses all kinds of animals. They used the Ad Grant to increase their online activity by 350% and had a 125% increase in online adoption applications. More awareness, more loving homes for the animals. Science Buddies is an organization that provides students, parents and teachers in K-12 with resources on how to effectively teach science. They have 18.2 million website clicks, 100,000 new student registrations and teacher resources have been downloaded 1,500 times. Teachers and students connecting with science is a great cause. If you want to see the many different types of organizations around the world that Google has helped, take a look at the Success Stories page.

There is an application process to go through so let's see if your nonprofit qualifies.

  1. Begin by applying for a Google For Nonprofits account. You must be considered a valid nonprofit charity in your country. Your group cannot be a governmental entity or organization, hospital and medical group, school, academic institution or university. Agree to Google's nondiscrimination and donation receipt and use policies. Also have a website that meets the Ad Grant website policy.

  2. Once you have an account, submit the Ads Grant eligibility form that will be linked in the Ad Grants activation page in your Google for Nonprofits account.

  3. Return to your account to confirm the form has been submitted.

  4. Then just submit your activation request so the Ad Grants team can review it. They will keep you updated on the status of your request. If approved, the Ads Grants will let you know how to proceed.

Hopefully by this point, you will be one of the over 115,000 ad grant recipients using some of the over $8 billion in advertising Google has given away in over 50 countries since 2003.

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