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Wonders of Cookie Dough

Cookie dough sales are a classic when it comes to school fundraisers. Kids have no problem selling something that they would want themselves. Also doesn't hurt that cookie dough can be pretty profitable, usually around 50%.

What is a cookie dough fundraiser? The basic concept is the same as all order taker fundraisers. You equip your sellers with a brochure, an order form, and a basic sales script. Your group is not spending any money up front. Order the cookie dough after your sales are turned in and keep the profit. My friends at ABC Fundraising can setup an online store for your group if you can't get out to fund raise. Remember that ALL orders (sold in-person or online) will be delivered to one location of your choosing.

Your group does catalog sales of a three-pound tub of cookie dough. The retail price is $17 per three-pound tub. The dough comes in a variety of flavors. This product works well for both elementary school and high school fundraising.

Cookie dough needs to be refrigerated, so this fundraiser requires a little more preparation. When the orders are delivered, you need to have a cold place to store them while waiting on members to pick them up.

The average seller makes ten sales or approximately $100 in revenue. That translates to roughly $50 in profit per seller, which is quite good. This kind of fundraiser works well for groups of 25 members. The more tubs sold, the more of a volume discount your group gets.

Factors affecting your cookie dough fundraiser profitability include quantity discounts, quality of the brochure, number of available cookie dough choices, and the need to keep the dough refrigerated.

Here's how to sell your cookie dough:

1 - Smile and introduce yourself

2 - Let people know why you are raising money

3 - Ask for their help (ask for the order)

4 - Make eye contact and suggest a favorite

Example sales script: (Keep it short & sweet)

Hi, Mrs. Johnson! (Smile & make eye contact)

I'm Jimmy Roberts from down the street. (Hand over sales flyer with large bold print)

Our school is doing a cookie dough fundraiser because we need new computers.

Can you help us out with a $10 contribution? That gets you a three-pound tub of cookie dough. My favorite is the chocolate chip, but peanut butter is real popular too!

(Pause and wait for a response)

If you have an online store for your cookie dough, make sure all of your members share the link through email and on all of the social media they use. Also share it through your official organization social media channels.

Just a few pointers to get your fundraiser off to a huge success:

  • Be sure to let your members know about the upcoming fundraiser so they can start letting their friends and family know. Have your group decide who they are going to approach.

  • Have a kickoff event where everyone gets their brochures, is given instruction on how it works, to answer any questions, and, most importantly, get your group excited about raising money. Invite parents so they know what is happening and get them excited too.

  • Set a deadline, usually 2-3 weeks works the best, to have order forms and money turned in.

  • Offer rewards to encourage everyone's participation. A pizza or ice cream party for the class or team that sells the most. Cash prize or free movie passes for the individual who sells the most. Everyone who sells 5 tubs (or whatever amount) gets a t-shirt. Get creative. Check local businesses to see if they can donate prizes.

  • When the orders arrive, have a "Thank You" party. Everyone can pick up their tubs so they can deliver them to their supporters. Let everyone know what was raised and let them know their hard work was appreciated. Give out the prizes and thank those who donated them. If the fundraiser was for something specific, like new computers, band uniforms, a new playground... let your members know when they could be seeing the new items for their organization.

This should help you decide if a cookie dough fundraiser is right for your group. If it is, I would love to send your group the free brochures to get you started. Have any questions, please let me know. Chat with me directly through the site, email or call/text me.


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